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Five Outstanding Locations to Enjoy Tubing in Colorado This Summer

Colorado, renowned for its striking landscapes and diverse recreational activities, offers an array of exhilarating tubing spots in summer. As you prepare for your next adventure, consider these five remarkable locations that promise a thrilling tubing experience, surpassing all expectations.

1. Boulder Creek - A Vibrant Adventure

An Overview of Boulder Creek

Boulder Creek, renowned for its rich natural beauty, is among Colorado's most vibrant summer tubing spots. The creek originates from Barker Reservoir in the town of Nederland, traveling through downtown Boulder and offering a delightful blend of urban and natural experiences.

What Makes Boulder Creek Unique?

Unlike typical tubing locations, Boulder Creek provides tubers the unique experience of navigating through a lively cityscape. Spectacular views of the Flatirons, diversified wildlife, and scenic picnic spots blend with an adventurous tubing journey to make Boulder Creek an unbeatable choice.

2. Clear Creek - Golden’s Tubing Gem

The Charm of Clear Creek

Clear Creek, located in the city of Golden, is another Colorado gem for summer tubing. A short drive from Denver, Clear Creek offers calm, enjoyable tubing runs amid an old-world town setting, marked by historical sites and charming eateries.

Clear Creek Tubing: A Uniquely Relaxing Experience

This tubing destination stands out due to its family-friendly atmosphere and the promise of a serene, rejuvenating experience. Tubers can enjoy leisurely floats interspersed with gentle rapids, ideal for both relaxation and a touch of adventure.

3. Yampa River - Steamboat Springs' Pride

Yampa River at a Glance

Yampa River, Steamboat Springs' crowning glory, offers a top-tier tubing experience. Originating from the Flat Tops wilderness, this pristine waterway serves as a tubing paradise, surrounded by lush vegetation and vibrant wildlife.

The Yampa River Experience

Yampa River provides a unique tubing experience due to its exhilarating rapids and rapid water flow. Combined with stunning views of Steamboat Springs, this destination is a must-visit for every tubing enthusiast.

4. Animas River - Durango's Tubing Hub

Discovering Animas River

Durango's Animas River, a tributary of the San Juan River, presents another enticing tubing location. With its clear, inviting waters and thrilling rapids, Animas River provides an unforgettable tubing experience.

Animas River: An Adventurous Journey

What sets Animas River apart is the thrilling journey it offers tubers. Navigate through exciting rapids, explore beautiful trails nearby, or enjoy a picnic amidst nature, making for an adventurous day out.

5. Cache La Poudre River - Fort Collins' Treasure

The Splendor of Cache La Poudre River

Last but not least, the Cache La Poudre River in Fort Collins offers a remarkable tubing experience. Known as Colorado's only "Wild and Scenic" river, this tubing spot provides a picturesque setting with its crystal-clear waters and abundant greenery.

Cache La Poudre River: A Peaceful Retreat

This river offers a tranquil yet exciting tubing experience. The scenic beauty, diverse flora and fauna, and thrilling tubing paths make Cache La Poudre River a peaceful retreat for those seeking an idyllic summer day.


These five fantastic tubing spots in Colorado provide a blend of tranquility, adventure, and natural beauty. Whether you're seeking a peaceful float or a thrilling ride, Colorado's summer tubing locations promise an unforgettable experience. Happy tubing!

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