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The Future of Living: One River North in Denver's RiNo

One River North, a new residential project located in Denver’s RiNo neighborhood at the intersection of Blake and 40th Streets, is set to be a new landmark for the city. The building, designed by renowned global design studio MAD Architects, is inspired by Colorado’s mountainous terrain, and incorporates a unique design strategy that creates a 16-story tower that looks as though it’s been cracked open to reveal a vibrant, green world hidden within. The 10-level rift will embrace a plant-filled fantasy landscape complete with water features and a hiking trail-inspired passageway, exemplifying biophilic design, which merges natural materials with the built environment to allow people to connect more closely with nature.

Photos by 5280 magazine

The project was led by Kevin Ratner, chief development officer at Max Collaborative, one of the project’s principal developers, who explains that “our vision was to create the model for how we should be living, surrounding ourselves with the natural environment, bringing nature into our homes, and creating authentic, biophilic experiences coupled with modern comforts and conveniences.”

MAD Architects was the ideal firm to bring this vision to life, as their core design philosophy is based on “Shanshui City”, an endeavor to create a balance between humanity, the city, and the environment. The project also includes collaborations from Uplands Real Estate Partners, Wynne Yasmer Real Estate, Denver-based Davis Partnership Architects and Saunders Construction.

Photos by 5280 magazine

When it’s finished in late 2023, One River North will offer 187 residences for lease, ranging in size from one to three bedrooms and with floorplan options providing between 625 and 2,500 square feet of living space. Each apartment will have a private, open-air terrace and floor-to-ceiling windows. The minimalist interior spaces, designed by Davis Partnership Architects, will continue the organic theme.

Photos by 5280 magazine

One River North is only the third U.S. project by MAD Architects to break ground, and is set to be a new iconic landmark in Denver, anchoring a new wave of taller buildings shaping a bold new vision for Denver’s art-influenced RiNo district. The building will feature a host of amenities for residents to enjoy, including a rooftop pool intended to represent an alpine lake and a 13,352-square-foot rift that will echo Colorado’s signature landforms.

The building's heart will be the mesmerizing rift, designed to create experiences for the residents as if they were in the natural landscape of Colorado. The architecture and landscape teams worked meticulously to integrate the features and benefits of these biomes into the physical architecture and desired experience of the building, starting with the foothills at the bottom and working through trails and slot canyons, then reaching the alpine plateau at the top.

Photos by 5280 magazine

Furthermore, One River North will also be a sustainable building, using green building practices and materials to minimize its environmental impact. The building will also be designed to optimize natural light and ventilation, while also incorporating solar panels, greywater recycling, and other energy-efficient features.

In conclusion, One River North is more than just a building, it is an experience that will bring the natural beauty of Colorado indoors, creating a unique and sustainable living space for its residents. With its striking design, biophilic approach, and sustainable features, One River North is set to be a landmark in the city of Denver, and a model for future developments.

Photos by 5280 magazine

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